Essential Seven Tag Album

Hiya! Jamie here and I am so excited to share my latest creation with y’all! To document my good habits project, I created a tag album using the Hazelwood collection.


Instead of making resolutions, this year I set intentions around creating good habits. Things that I think will lead to greater happiness. I’m a big fan of the Gretchen Rubin Happier Podcast, and in one issue they discussed the Essential Seven—from all of Gretchen’s work around habits, she identified the seven core areas people want to formulate better habits. I wrote down a few ideas for each of the essential seven and included them in this mini book.


The mini book itself is made up of tags that I cut out from cardstock using my digital die cutter. Once that was done, I created a “formula” for decorating each of the tags. It made decorating so easy! 

1. I created a tag topper using patterned paper from the collection.

2. I then added washi tape to the bottom of each card and at the “joint” between the patterned paper and the tag.

3. After that, I added a floral die cut from the ephemera pack and a cork number to each card.

4. Then, I printed out each of the essential seven categories and stitched them to the card using my sewing machine.

5. The last step was handwriting all of my intentions. 

So the formula was tag + patterned paper topper + washi tape x2 + floral die cut + cork number + typewritten topic + handwritten intention. Voila!


The most work was around embellishing the cover. But really, it follows the same rough formula as the rest. To break up the book a bit I included the pre-printed tags from the Hazelwood patterned paper.


I created a video flip through of the entire mini. It was so fun to make and I know I’m going to keep coming back to it throughout the year. It’s going to be fun!



Supplies Used: Hazelwood Patterned Papers: Hazelwood (376867) Hazel Gingham (376868) Rosewater (376869) Quartz (376872) Hazelwood Roses (376873) Lazy Daisy (376874) Flock (376875) Woodland Plaid (376877) Notes from Hazel (376878) Cork Die-cuts Shapes & Numbers (376883) Washi Tape (376887) Ephemera Cardstock Die-cuts with Gold Foil (376888) Floral Puffy Stickers (376889) Darling Chipboard with Gold Foil (376892)