Embellishment Organizer with Marigold by Soraya Maes

Hello everybody and happy New Year 2021! Soraya here and I am very excited to share my first project of 2021: an embellishment organizer to store your die cuts, vellum pieces, washi tapes, and more. This is a structure made of paper (12 inch. x 4 inch. x 4 inch.) with 4 boxes inside to help organize your workspace area. I used the gorgeous Marigold collection by Maggie Holmes and its beautiful patterned papers.

Step 1: take two patterned papers that are identical then fold them every 4 inches. You get six parts, I suggest you to mark them from left to right, from 1 to 6. Place some double-sided tape on part 3 then stick part 4 on it. When you fold the 5 parts, you instantly get the final shape of the structure.

Step 2: grab your 1-2-3 Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers and follow the 4x4x2 1/2 chart to make the boxes. Once the boxes are done, you will have to stick the flaps inside them so you can get small containers. Use 4 various patterned papers for more fun!

Step 3: inside the structure, add more paper to reinforce it with adhesive tape and a unique pattern. I suggest you to use 2 pieces of 12×8 folded in the middle for both edges, the 1 piece of 12×3 3/4 for the middle part. You will immediately see your structure more sturdy. We are now ready to add the containers!

Step 4: first of all, stick the first box on the top edge, in the middle of the structure. Then, stick the last one at the bottom edge, in the middle as well. Now that you have them in place, you can easily add the others in-between, at equal distance. Note that the second box will be placed on the right flap of the structure; and the third box, on the first flap on the right.

Step 5: to create the lid on the first box, take a piece of paper measuring 4×6 and fold it at 1 inch on both edges so that the central square is 4×4. On one flap, use the scissors to trim the angles. Stick one flap on the back of the structure and add a chipboard on the other flap to make it easy to open the lid.

Step 6: decorate the box and the structure! Feel free to use all the embellishments you love to customize this storage. I wanted a closet look, so I added a door handle and some floral chipboards and stickers. I also placed a strip of magnetic paper to secure its closure. Fill the containers with everything that inspires you! Just remember to place the heaviest elements at the bottom to balance the weight. And voilĂ !!

I hope you had fun joining me with this pretty and very useful project! I can’t wait to see your creations! Have fun everyone and until next time^^

Supplies used: Marigold Collection by Maggie Holmes; 1-2-3 Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers