DIY Shop Mini Album Tutorial by Janna Werner

Janna Werner (Blog: Janna Werner | Instagram: @jannawerner | Pinterest: @jannawerner | Twitter: @jannawerner) has a step-by-step photo tutorial to share with you today featuring a mini album made with DIY Shop!

Janna Werner


Supplies: Security envelopes (366661) – DIY Shop, chalkboard tags (366641) – DIY Shop, glitter set (366605) – WOW glitter, paper envelopes (366659) – DIY Shop, wooden tags ( 366643) – DIY Shop, wooden clothespin (366620) – DIY Shop, books (366644) – DIY Shop, 6×6“ paper pad (366983) – DIY Shop, pennant banner (366657) – DIY Shop, Cutup 5" (64200) – Scissors, Double-Sided Super Sticky Tape (61753) – This To That Adhesive, Foam Tab (61710) – This To That Adhesive, decorative tape (366615) – DIY Shop, Shoebox (53335) – DIY Thickers; Other: black pen, white ink

This mini album can be created very fast – all you need is a few different supplies. The ones I worked with are from the fantastic DIY Shop collection. I used cards, 6×6", patterned paper pad, twine, envelopes, tags, mini journal, masking tape, clothespin, glitter, DIY thickers, wood veneer, and a brayer.


Before I start assembling the pages of the album, I decorate the cover as this would be hard to do once the pages have been glued together. I am using a kraft card and draw lines across the entire page. My lines are not straight because I want the cover page to look whimsical. After drawing the lines with a black pen, I add text. I am planning to use this album for holiday photos, therefore I am writing down lyrics from German traveling songs.


After I am done with the writing, I use white ink and a brayer from the DIY collection to add white dots. Just keep in mind that white ink needs a bit longer until it has dried.


Now it is time to assemble the pages – my order is like this: kraft card, white envelope, kraft card, white envelope, kraft card, white journaling book, kraft card, kraft security envelope.


I am using double sided adhesive to glue the pages together, the top of the white envelope gets glued to the left card, the other part of the envelope gets glued onto the right card. The journaling book is glued to two cards, right in the middle.

Janna-Werner-A6 Janna-Werner-A7Janna-Werner-A12

After the pages have been glued together, I am decorating the inside. As this is a "to go" album, I only add a bit of patterned paper to be sure it will fit the things I am going to add later. Sometimes less is more, isn´t it?

Janna-Werner-A8 Janna-Werner-A10

I also add a few patterned papers to the cover, as well as a tag which I cut and decorate with tape, a little clothespin and a wooden banner which I attach on top of the cover, using a 3D foam dot – like this the title will pop out in the end. Before I glued the patterned paper on top of the cover, I added twine – like this I can close the album later. Make sure to use enough twine, the album will get thicker when adding things to it.


My title is just one letter, a "J" – this stands for Janna, of course, but also for my husband´s name which is Jesper.


The color scheme of this album is very neutral and decent, to add a bit of glam, I am using glitter powder on DIY thickers. This is really really easy – peal off the top layer of the DIY Thickers and sprinkle glitter on top. Yes, that is all you need to do!


I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and feel inspired to create your own DIY mini album! Have a great day, wherever you are!