DIY Mobile

Hi guys, it's Nancy! Honestly, making simple DIY home decor projects is as easy as reaching for your stack of patterned paper! I was searching for something to decorate my craft closet that was colorful and simple to make. Looking on Pinterest sparked the idea for this mobile.


It brightens up this very white and gray space with a nice pop of color. I used the pretty color palette and patterns from the Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Life collection. It has the perfect mix of bold and clean patterns to create this look. I used a 2” and 1.5” circle punch and my sewing machine to create rows of rainbow goodness. To keep with the crafty theme, I grounded the rows with an acrylic aqua ruler. I thought it was a perfect touch for a craft room! I whipped this up in just under one hour and used simple acrylic thumbtacks to attach the rulers to the wall. Easy, beautiful and crafty – my kind of project!

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