DIY Charms

DIY Planner Charms Cover by Evelynpy

Planners are so in style lately! Everyone loves writing down their plan, decorating it, not only the spread but the planner it self. Today I have easy DIY Planner Charms using Happy Place collection by Dear Lizzy. It’s gold, colorful and also you can use it not only for your planner but you can use it as a bag charm to!

DIY Planner Charms Ingridients Cover by Evelynpy

DIY Planner Charms Step by Step by Evelynpy

Step by Step

  • Choose the gold key chain and hooks some of the big gold rings until it reach the length that you want it. To make it easy you can use the pliers clamp.
  • Choose which tassel do you like and hook It with the gold ring at its end.
  • Choose the perfect icon from the stickers sheet that perfectly match with the teasel. Paste it to the foam using double tape. Cut the foam according to the icon. Hook the icon with the small ring and then hook it again to the big one.
  • Be creative if you want to make the planner charm looks cute. You can decorate the ring using some ribbons and small gold pins to.

DIY Planner Charms Details 1 by Evelynpy

Here some details of my planner charms. I have three designs and feel free to copy one.  You don’t have to think hard to be creative, just enjoy the process and tada! The final result will make your planner or bag look cuter than before!

DIY Planner Charms Full 1 by Evelynpy