Die Cuts Week!

Die Cuts

Die cuts are a wonderful scrapbooking supply and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! This week our team will focus on these splendid embellishments, starting with a layout by Paige Evans (Blog: Paige Evans | Instagram: @paigetaylorevans | Pinterest: @paigeevans)


Favorites & 30 by Paige Evans
Supplies: Fine & Dandy Cardstock Shapes (370099), Acrylic Shapes (370095), 12×12 Cardstock (71081) – White

How to: Find the center of a white cardstock layout (6" across, 6" down). Use a pencil and a ruler to mark at 4" and 8" around each of the 4 edges. Connect each edge mark to the center mark with the ruler and pencil to create the "sunbursts". Paint each wedge a different color – I pulled colors from the Fine & Dandy collection. Glue the die cuts in place then hand stitch thread from the center to each die cut (I changed colors of thread for each line to match the color of the paint in that section). Adhere the photo in the center and create the title with more die cuts. Using the Traveling Typewriter font, print out short captions for each die cut and adhere them in place.

Favorites & 30 Detail by Paige Evans


How about a giveaway!? Let us know your favorite way to use die cuts in a comment below and one lucky winner will receive a die cuts goodie bag surprise! Winner will be chosen and announced on this Friday's post – July 17th 2015. Good luck!