Decorating Treat Tins

Treat Tin BW Cover

I love sweet treats and I love black & white (plus gold), so I loved the idea of combining them into a pretty gift that I can give to someone that I love! I used the black and white treat tins plus the coordinating treat tissue to wrap my muffins. Before I give it to some friends, I put the food tissue under the muffins to make it look cute.

Image Treat Tin BW Details 1

After that I decorated each tins’s cover using some flair, gold straws and acetate to make it look cute. It was so easy and fast to decorate it—there was no need for a ton of embellishments, but it still looks cute.

Image Treat Tin BW Details 2

I didn’t use any twine because I wanted the recipients to have super easy access to the treats inside! I still wanted to make it cute, so I just decorated the cover.

Image Treat Tin BW Details 3

Image Treat Tin BW Details 4


Supplies: DIY Shop 4 Gold Flair (376316), Treat Tins Black And White (376235), Halloween Tag Kits (376561), Black and White Treat Tins Food Grade Tissue (37237), Gold Straw and DIY Shop 4 Gold Foil Dots and Acetate (76326)