Custom Word Keychains by Jerodelle Trinidad

Hi friends! Jerodelle here! I have something super fun to share with you all!

I created some custom word and letter keychains using Color Pour Resin products! If you have not played around with resin yet, you must try it! It was so fun and easy to put together!

I started out with using the alphabet mold by Color Pour. I love that the mold is shiny on the inside because that means that when you take the resin piece out after it has cured, it will be shiny!

For this particular project, I actually used regular epoxy resin and I mixed foil flakes in the mixture. I knew I wanted to create a keychain that said “love”. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Once I mixed the resin with the foil flakes, I poured it in the letters I wanted to create and let it cure for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours I took the letters I wanted to put together to form my custom word, in this case for the word “LOVE”. I made sure the letters touched and I used the Color Pour UV Resin like “glue” and then put pieces under the UV light. It worked like a charm!

Once the letters were attached, I drilled a small hole using a mini hand drill to screw in an eye pin to attach the key ring and chain to turn it into a keychain! I hope you enjoyed this project and that it inspired you to create your own!

Supplies used: Color Pour Work Surface – 34000935, Resin + Hardener – 356669, UV Resin – 34000529, UV Resin Lamp – 34001000, Alphabet Silicone Mold – 34001009, Foil Flakes – 34002241