Custom Clipboards

These colorful mini clipboards are sure to brighten up any office space. Use washi tape, tassels and ephemera pieces to embellish these in a snap.


How to: Cover mini clipboards with colorful patterned papers.  Trim a stack of notebook paper and clip on to each clipboard.  Hang tassels to each clipboard using twine.  Embellish the front of each notebook by adding stamps, washi tape, rub on pens and ephemera pieces.




Supplies: Better Together (BTDS-73977) Knot + Bow, Better Together (BTDS-73978) – Ladies + Gentlemen, Better Together (BTDS-73981) – Salt + Pepper, Better Together (373993) – Acetate & Cardstock Ephemera, Better Together (373994) – Washi Tape Rolls Printed & Glittered, Better Together (373999) – Rub-on Pens Xo's & Donuts, Better Together (373996) – Rotary Phrase Stamp, Happy Place (373675) – Suede Tassels, Mini Clipboards (340223) – 5"x7", Mini Clipboards (340224) – 5"x7",Mini Clipboards (340225) – 5"x7", Sticky Thumb (ST340261) –  Adhesive Runner & Refill Permanent Solid