Create Impressive Paintings with Color Pour by Lucile Peignon

Hello crafty friends, it’s Lucile Peignon! Today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful painting with the Color Pour Magic product line. When I see these large abstract paintings I always told myself that it was very complicated to make until one day I tried with the American Crafts product line. I love the creation technique, it’s simple; fun, and very playful. It is always a moment of pleasure and the result is always impressive. I love to paint, it calms me down, and it develops my creative side. So I’ll show you step-by-step how to do this kind of painting. Prepare your gloves, protect your table, and we’ll have fun!

To make my painting, I use several kits from the Color Pour Magic range, there are plenty of colors to make different styles of paintings. Before starting I advise you to take out all your equipment because if you have paint on your hands it will be messy. So I took out my canvas, my paints, cups and wooden sticks.

The first step will be to choose the different colors of paint. I chose 6 colors. I put each color in a small plastic cup. If you want to get a crackle effect, you can also add “Cell Magic” that will need to be heated later – I didn’t put any in my paints.

Once your colors are ready, we will add them one after the other in our large cup. You just have to spill them without mixing. The mixture will be done by itself on the canvas. Then it’s the coolest step! You will spill your cup directly on the canvas. We must move the canvas around so the paint covers it completely. This is where the magic happens, the colors mix, it’s beautiful!

Before continuing with your creation, let your canvas dry for one day. I wanted to add gold to my painting so I add gold leaf by following the patterns of the painting. I use a flat brush to place my gold leaves.

To finish, I used a gold pen to add spots all over my painting.

I hope you like the result and it will make you want to try Color Pour Magic products to create beautiful paintings to decorate your home!

SUPPLIES: Color Pour Magic Collection: Paint Markers – Opaque – Gold (ac-357087), Pouring paint kit (ac-359820), Pour art starter kit (ac-357740), Pour art embellishments foil flakes