Create a Gratitude Jar

Hello again!  It's Gina here, and I hope that you are enjoying Gratitude week! I love Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up to it, because it gives us a chance to reflect on all of the things that we are grateful for.
Gratitude Jar 1 10.23.16
I decided to create a Gratitude jar for my family to write down all of the things that we are thankful for.  With a gratitude jar you can write down things that you are grateful for, fold them up and then open up the jar throughout the year and read all about the amazing things that have happened.
Gratitude Jar 2 10.23.16
To create my Gratitude jar, I first started by picking out a glass jar that I already had at home in my vases and jars collection. I washed it with soap and water and dried it to give it a clean base for altering.   I started by placing the "A Million Tiny Little Things" sticker from the Black Varnish Stickers pack, on the side of my glass jar.  Next, I trimmed a strip of burlap string (slightly larger than the widest point of my jar) and then strung beads, veneer pieces and die cut pieces from the Saturday collection.
Gratitude Jar 3 10.23.16
Next, I used a paper trimmer to create several small cards for family members to write what they were thankful for on.  I provided a precision pen for precise writing on each of the cards.
Gratitude Jar 4 10.23.16
One of the best things about this jar is that the small cards can be replaced each year to reflect new goals and things that you are thankful for.  I hope that you have time to create your own gratitude jar!
Gratitude Jar 5 10.23.16
Supplies: Dear Lizzy Saturday (376269) – Black Varnish Stickers, Dear Lizzy (376273) – Ephemera, Dear Lizzy (376275) – Wood Veneer, Dear Lizzy (37627 ), Dear Lizzy Saturday (376270) - Mini Icon Puffy, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376278) – Beaded Strands, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376241) – Skyline Paper, Dear Lizzy Saturday (3762430 – The Empire, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376245) – Stoop, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376247) – Madison Avenue, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376248) – Times Square, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376249) – Metro, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376250) – Bright Lights, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376251) – Uptown, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376252) – Broadway, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376255) – Bagels, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376257) – Washington Square, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376258) – Downtown, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376260) – Brooklyn, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376261) – Pizza Pie, Dear Lizzy Saturday (376262) – Manhattan