Color Pour Resin Wood Coasters by Sandra Dietrich

DIY Color Pour Resin Wood with Sandra Dietrich American Crafts Table Coasters

Hi AC fans! Sandra here today with a new DIY inspiration with the Color Pour Resin Collection. Did you know that this collection also has a variety of fun wood coasters which you can customize to your liking? You can go wild and create stunning wood coasters with pebbles, crushed glass, charms, crystal flakes, artificial moss, and a lot of other embellishments. The handmade coasters are fun to make and they will add that special fancy something to your table decoration. And they make great gifts too! Let’s have a look at the coasters that I created.

Create decorative Color Pour Resin Wood Coasters with Sandra Dietrich. Add moss, pebbles, and other embellishments to create a fancy table decoration

The Color Pour Resin Collection comes with fun items, including artificial moss and decorative mini pebbles. Just grab some wood tray coasters and add all the things you like: pebbles, charms, moss, glitter, crystal flakes, stickers, and more.

Add pebbles mix-in and moss mix-in from the Color Pour Resin Collection to make pretty wood coasters. Mix resin with hardener and create lasting decorative items.

First, fill the coasters with pebbles, crushed glass, sequins, glitter flakes, charms, and moss. Arrange all decorative items the way you like. Second, mix equal amounts of resin and resin hardener. Third, pour the resin into the wood coasters. Next, let everything dry for about 24 hours. Tip: The moss might stick out a bit so it might be difficult to use the coasters for drinking glasses. Therefore, unless you are using the coasters for decorative purposes, make sure the surface is even.

Three wood coaster filled with resin, charms, glitter, pebbles, moss. The shiny look makes these coasters special.

I just love the shiny effect of the hardened resin. And I like the idea that I can customize the wood coasters with charms, stickers, glitter, and other fun embellishments.

Decorative wood coasters with crushed glass, charms, pebbles, stickers, and star sequins. The coasters are made with the Color Pour Resin Collection by American Crafts.

The wood coasters also make great gifts. And if you use charms like I did you can create motivational presents for friends and family.

The wood coasters are great gifts. And if you use charms, you can create motivational gifts for your friends and family.
Create a great table decoration with pebbles, moss, wood coasters and the Color Pour Resin Collection.

I hope you like my DIY inspiration with the Color Pour Resin Collection and wood coasters. And now it’s your turn to create great gifts and table decoration with this awesome collection. Have fun crafting today!

American Crafts Designer Sandra Dietrich

Supplies used: Color Pour Resin Wood Tray Coasters (34003379), Color Pour Resin and Resin Hardener (359703), Color Pour Resin Mix-In Pebbles (34003390), Color Pour Resin Mix-In Moss (34003389, Color Pour Resin Crystal Flakes (34001573), Color Pour Resin Mix-In Acetate Leaves (34004450), 1 Canoe 2 Willow Collection Stamped Metal Charms with Copper Metallic Accents (356089)