Color Pour Resin – Glitter Bangles by Lisa Fonseca

Hi friends, it’s Lisa Fonseca back on the blog today and I’m sharing my super cute bangles I created using the Color Pour Resin and the molds.

They are quite simple to make, it only takes a few steps:

To start, I chose the glitters I wanted to add to my resin. For one of the bangles I used holographic glitters in different sizes and I also chose a very fine holographic pigment. For the second one, I used silver glitter and silver stars and also added a bit of pink pigment. I then took my two bottles containing the two components of the resin. When mixing your resin, you need to add the same amount of each of the bottles and mix thoroughly. Then I added all my glitters and mixed again.

I started to pour the mixture into the mold very slowly until the whole mold was filled. Then I let it dry for 24 hours.

They looked really cool with all the glitter and shiny goodness. To make them even cuter, I decided to add a glitter heart on each of them. The hearts are from Jolee’s boutique.

That’s it guys! As you can see, it’s really simple and really fast… well… without the drying process at least 😉 There are a ton of different molds, glitters, foils, shapes, and colors available, you should try it!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, see you again soon!