Color Pour Resin Coasters by Sana Khader

Hello crafty friends! I’m back again on American Crafts blog today with an awesome Color Pour Resin Project. Trust me, this is one of the most satisfying forms of art I’ve ever done in my life!

For a project like this, you need to first prepare your mix. I used Color Pour Resin and Hardener in the ratio 1:1. It is super versatile and very easy to work with.

Measure the amount of resin and hardener you will need into separate cups and then combine, or you could use a Digital Kitchen scale. Stir the mix gently with a stirring stick for 4-5 minutes and then add Opaque dyes to get the mix in any color of your choice. The ones I used here are Jingle bells, Midnight, and Silver Bells because I’m a huge fan of glitter and blue! You pick the colors that work together.

Begin by pouring the mix one by one right into each of the molds. I used two silicon coaster molds (that come as a set) from the same line to finish the project. Gently move the molds around so that the resin fills the base all the way to the edges.

I also added crushed glass and glitter to the first layer to create a better texture. Then again fill the mold the rest of the way with the remaining resin mix.

Let them dry completely, at least 6 hours to overnight, then the super shiny coasters are ready to use! As the pictures show, they came out super smooth and glossy. Perfect for home decor!

This was my first try and now my mind is full of other creative things to do with resin! Hope you enjoy this fun project. See you soon!

Supplies used: Color Pour Resin and Hardener, Coaster silicone molds (34002251), Opaque dyes(34002280)