Color Pour Magic by Sana Khader

Hi crafty friends! This is Sana Khader here (you can find me on my instagram, facebook and youtube) on the American Crafts blog today to share my very first experience on working with Color Pour Magic. I had a great time playing around with these pre-mixed paints and I am equally excited to share each and every step with you all.

The Color Pour starter kit has everything in it to make it the best and it makes your paint pouring project hassle free. What’s more exciting is that you don’t actually need a brush and the kit already comes with everything that you need to get started ! i.e. A set of pre-mixed paints, 10 cups, 10 stir sticks, a pair of gloves, a drop cloth, and of course a canvas! How cool is that? Lay down your drop cloth, prepare your workspace, and let’s begin this fun project !

I began the process by choosing 5 coordinating colors from the kit and squeezing a bit of each of them randomly into these cups. Fun thing to note here is that there ain’t any right or wrong way to mix the colors ! Just pour them in and get different mixtures as you like. But make sure that you shake your bottles really well before pouring in.

Then I added a couple of drops of cell magic (which is a silicon oil) to each of these cups and gave it a slight stir.

I then poured these paint mixes one by one onto the canvas and started tipping and titling it until all the areas were covered. You can use toothpicks, hair combs, or anything handy to make different patterns of your choice.

And finally, I sprinkled a pinch of gold flakes onto the wet canvas and I think it’s a great way to add a little bit more texture !

Thanks for dropping by this post today and I hope you enjoy this magical process as much as I loved playing with the Color Pour! See you soon!

SUPPLIES: Color Pour Magic Starter Kit, Color Pour Resin Gold flakes.