Color Pour Home Decor by Terhi Koskinen

Hello friends! It’s Terhi Koskinen here today, inspiring you with Color Pour products. Like so many people around the world, I too have spent a lot of time at home lately. For me this time has been very precious and quite inspiring actually. I have discovered new things to alter with either paper products or with a touch of paint. Today I want to tell you what happened when I thought to paint a single plant pot with Color Pour Magic paints with a resin finishing.

Any painting process, especially with all Color Pour techniques, should start with covering the painting area carefully. So that’s what I did first. Color Pour has some great tool kits and also kits including everything from paints to gloves. I used my Color Pour Paint Tool Kit to cover my table and wore a pair of gloves and an apron.

The pot I wanted to paint was a normal plant pot made of clay. I know clay as a material is quite porous and wouldn’t need any preparing, so I started to mix the paints. This time I chose Color Pour Magic paints with a blueish theme and mixed good amount of the paints I thought would look gorgeous. I added some purple to pink Thermal Powder and some pink Opaque Dye too, just bring some contrast to the mix.

The most important part in the process was to figure out how to make the resin finishing. The resin gives great varnish and also makes the paint surface a bit thicker on the clay. The Color Pour UV Resins comes with either hard or soft result, and I could add the resin separately after first pouring and drying or then add the resin to the paint mix. I decided to add everything together at once.

Despite all my preparations and thinking, the result with Color Pour techniques is always a surprise – that’s why I love these paints so much! The paint will live its own life while pouring and as I chose Color Pour Magic paints instead the regular ones, the mix includes self-ceiling formula which makes the most beautiful ceils randomly here and there. At this point I discovered I had mixed way too much paint. As I never want to waste anything, I took more clay pots and also an old clock. The clock was a bit dull and the paint surface crackled so much that I couldn’t read what the painted phrase said, so why not give new life to it?!

The pouring process is quick and so addictive! I kept the clock underneath the pots first, so the leftover paint would pour straight on it. Then I kept UV light over the painted areas as instructed in order to turn the purple Thermal Powder pink. Voilá! Thanks for coming here today, I hope you are inspired!

Supplies used: Color Pour Pre-Mixed Pour Paint (359921), Pour Paint Tool Kit (359820), Color Pour Resin Thermal Powder (34002242), Color Pour Resin Opaque Dye Set (359901), Color Pour UV Resin Hard (34000996), Color Pour Resin Mini UV Light (34001000)