Capture 2016 with a Mini Book!

 Hiya! Jamie here and there’s one photo that I take every single year. Well at least for the last three years. After dinner at our favorite Houston restaurant, I make sure to take a photo of my family every New Year’s Eve. It’s been only three years but things have already changed since the first photo we snapped. It’s one of the reasons why I love to take these photos. I like capturing the changes!

American Crafts-New Year Mini 01

I decided to make a mini book to capture this annual family photo. I built it accordion style using white cardstock. Then I embellished using the DIY Shop 4 collection.

American Crafts-New Year Mini 02

The cover is so simple. I started with the gold star transparency. Then, I created a large kraft banner and added the world “New Year” which was die cut from the awesome gold grid/black cardstock. Nothing like black and gold to make it seem more New Yearsy! I finished with a flair badge and a typed “with my loves”.

American Crafts-New Year Mini 03

For the inside pages, I included two photos from every year and a middle page in between to record the details of the date, location and family members. For the photos of the humans only, I left those in color. I want to capture the details of the time and place. For the photos with the pets, I converted them to black and white. It adds to the timeless feel of a New Year celebration!

American Crafts-New Year Mini 04

For each of the middle pages I layered the number transparency, some of that great grid paper, a punched heart and the photo details. All of them were clipped together using those adorable mini clothes hangers. Not only do they clip everything together I’m also using them for another purpose. The whole mini can be hung up on the wall and used as holiday decor!

American Crafts-New Year Mini 05

American Crafts-New Year Mini 06

Because of how I chose to create the base with white cardstock, it’s going to be so easy to continue to add to this book every year. Cheers!



Supplies Used: DIY Shop 4: Rotary Date Stamp Gold (376322) Numbers Gold Foil (376310) Puffy Stickers Hearts Gold Foil (376312) Clear Stickers Labels with Gold Foil (376313) Flair Buttons Gold Foil (376316) Paper Clips Gold Hangers (376319) Sequins Gold Foil (376320) Gold Foil Dots on Acetate (DIY4SP-76326) White Numbers on Acetate (DIY4SP-76327) Gold Foil on Black (DIY4SP-76328) White on Kraft (DIY4SP-76331)