Bright Cards featuring Starshine

Boys Cards Cover Shimelle American Crafts by Evelynpy

I made 4 cards that have a boy theme and Shimelle Starshine collection is perfect for it! It's blue, has positive quotes, full of layers and is perfect for projects.

Boys Cards Details 1 Shimelle American Crafts  by   Evelynpy

Shimelle StarShine Chipboard Stickers (374052), Shimelle StarShine Acrylic Shapes (374054), Shimelle StarShine Cardstock and Ephemera (374057), Shimelle StarShine Stickers Plastic Button  (374059), Shimelle StarShine Stickers Epoxy Top Paper Clips (374050), Shimelle StarShine Astro (374021), Shimelle StarShine Hubble (374025), Shimelle StarShine Horizon (374026), Shimelle StarShine Kepler (374028), Shimelle StarShine Pioneer (374029), Shimelle StarShine Odyssey (374030), Shimelle StarShine Rosetta (374041)

Boys Cards Details 2 Shimelle American Crafts  by   Evelynpy

I cut some of my favorite pattern papers in this collection and cut them into 5×7 inch. I also cut some cardstock which has positive words such as GREAT DREAM, SHINE BRIGHT and paste it right in the middle. Flair, chipboard stickers and also acrylic shape can be perfect option to makes your card looks pretty and has more dimension.

Boys Cards Details 3 Shimelle American Crafts  by   Evelynpy

Boys Cards Details 4 Shimelle American Crafts  by   Evelynpy

If you don’t like it to be a gift cards, you can use it as a notebook or travel notebook cover.