Big Thickers Layout by Heather Leopard

Here is another fantastic layout highlighting our new BIG Thickers created by Heather Leopard (Blog: Heather Leopard | Instagram: @heatherleopard | Pinterest: @heatherleopard | Twitter: @heatherleopard).

Heather Leopard


Goof Balls by Heather Leopard AC
Supplies: Rootbeer Float Thickers (370554) – chipboard letter stickers, Rise & Shine collection: (370001) – Chloe Paper, (370015) – Lana Paper, (370018) – Sophia Transparent Paper, (370032) – Remarks Accent & Phrase Stickers, (370035) – Remarks Alpha Stickers, (370038) – Bits Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, (370045) – Ticket Memo Pad, (370054) – Chipboard Frames, (370038) – Bits Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, white cardstock, (370050) – Kara Rotary Phrase stamp

How to: Cut the transparent doilies from the transparent sheet and arrange on your background paper, without adhering. Using your Silhouette, measure the placement of your doilies and cut circles out of a white piece of cardstock. Layer the cardstock with cut out circles over a white sheet of cardstock and adhere the doilies within the circles. Stitch around the outside of the circles. Add a fun border to the top and bottom of the page. Add your photo and a super-sized title using the large Thickers. Machine stitch additional elements to your heart’s desire. 

Goof Balls Title by Heather Leopard