Big Thickers Layout by Ashley Horton

Check out this amazing layout Ashley Horton (Blog: Ashley Horton | Instagram: @ashleyhorton75# | Pinterest: @ahorton | Twitter: @ashleymh1675) featuring BIG Thickers:

Ashley Horton


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Supplies: Rise & Shine (70010) – Lily, Rise & Shine (70007) – Amelia, Rise & Shine (70026) – Grace Thickers, Rise & Shine (370032) – Accent & Phrase Stickers, Rise & Shine (37003) – Epoxy Stickers, Rise & Shine (370035) – Alpha Stickers, Rise & Shine (370038) – Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, Rise & Shine (370048) – Wooden Stamps, Shimelle (368170) – Roller Date Stamp, Thickers (370554) – Rootbeer Float, Glitter Thickers (370555) – Rootbeer Float

How to: Begin by using the Lily 12×12 paper for your background and placing your photo on the right side of the layout. Choose a mix of "X" and "O" Thickers from the Rootbeer Float packs. Decide where you want to place the Thickers and adhere them where you want them, leaving off one of each letter. Use the letters as a stencil and trace them next to your other Thickers. Once you are finished tracing, place the Thickers back on your layout. Stitch around each of the traced letters with embroidery floss and then paint the centers with watercolors. Add an "X" stitch to each of the white "O" Thickers. Splatter black spray mist across your layout. Create your title using the Grace Thickers by layering them on the corner of your photo. Finish embellishing with the Rise & Shine Accent & Phrase Stickers, Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, Wooden Stamps, and Epoxy Sticker.

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