Best Ideas for Kids by Eva Pizarro

Hello everyone! It’s Eva on the blog today sharing a cute project made with a Best Ideas for Kids Kit!

These kits are amazing. They have lots of materials to create lots of projects and include everything you need! I can assure you, your kids will be entertained for 30 min – 1 hour depending on the project and their motor skills.

My son chose the Suncatchers kit and decided to make the rainbow. He started by attaching the desired shape to the clear adhesive paper and filling it with the tissue paper squares.

My son is very organized and put all those squares lined up but I actually think it looks better if they overlap a little! I also encouraged him to use two colors on the last part like the box suggested.

When he was done, he attached another cardstock shape and a clear adhesive paper on top.

Now all he had to do was cut his shape. He broke his arm a few weeks ago but he could do it anyway!

He was super happy about his creations! He made a butterfly and a rainbow and we are going to put it on his window.

You could make more shapes and create a mobile too! That would be super fun! This kit was a hit and I am sure he is going to love the other ones too!

Thanks for joining me today and have a great day!

Supplies used: Best Craft For Kids – Suncatchers Kit (369708)