Beach-Themed Home Decor Tutorial by Ashley Horton

Ashley Horton (Blog: Ashley Horton | Instagram: @ashleyhorton75# | Pinterest: @ahorton | Twitter: @ashleymh1675) has a fun beach-themed home decor tutorial to teach everyone today!

Ashley Horton

Ashley horton

Beach Day1
Supplies: #Heatwave (366950) – #Summer, #Blueskies (366953) – #Summer, 6×6 Paper Pad (366984) – #Summer, #Adventure (366970) – Pinwheels, #Vacation (366964) – Bits, Niki Riki (366959) – Thickers, #Carefree (366972) – Screenprinted Clothespin, #Sunshine (366963) – Journaling & Phrase Sticker Book

Here is what you will need to create this project: Pack of Wood Slats (approx. 7inx2.75in), Cardboard or Chipboard, Mod Podge, Foam Brush, White Acrylic Paint, Glue Gun, Emory Board or Distressing Tool, Pop Dots, American Crafts #Summer collection.

1. Begin by laying the Wood Slats over a piece of cardboard or chipboard, and mark where you need to cut for the cardboard or chipboard to be placed behind the slats. Cut it just a little smaller than the size of your slats, once they are laid out.

Tutorial 1

2. Measure one of your slats on a piece of patterned paper. Mark on the backside of your patterned paper so no marks will show on the front side.

Tutorial 2

3. Cut the patterned paper measured for each of your slats and adhere it using a thin layer of Mod Podge. Smooth down your paper once it's in place to avoid bubbling.

Tutorial 3

4. After the Mod Podge is dry, use an Emory Board or Distressing Tool to sand around the edges of each slat to create a worn look. Then use your foam brush and paint around the edges with a small touch of White Acrylic paint.  

Tutorial 4

5. Now you can add the slats to your cardboard or chipboard piece using a hot glue gun. I lined up my slats a little off center to create an uneven look.

Tutorial 5

6. Print out the photo you want to use. Mine is sized to 3.5in square. Cut a mat for your photo from one of the patterned papers in the 6×6 Paper Pad. Add some pop dots to the back of your photo to create dimension on your project.

Tutorial 6

7. Now the really fun part… embellish your project with Thickers, Wood Veneers, Pinwheels, and Screenprinted Clothespins! There are so many great embellishments in the #Summer collection that make it easy to personalize your project!

Tutorial 7

All done and ready to display!
Beach Day1

So don't let the end of summer get you down… enjoy your summer memories by bringing the beach home with you!