Beach Layout & Card by Heather Leopard

Today's beach-themed layout and card were made by Heather Leopard (Blog: Heather Leopard | Instagram: @heatherleopard | Pinterest: @heatherleopard | Twitter: @heatherleopard).

Heather Leopard


Live in the Sunshine by Heather Leopard for AC
Supplies: Bits #sunscreen die cut cardstock shapes (366971) – #SUMMER, Bits #icecream die cut shapes (366968) – #SUMMER, #picnic Flair adhesive badges (366966) – #SUMMER, Remarks #sunshine journaling and phrase sticker book (366963) – #SUMMER

"I snapped this photo of my daughter boogie boarding. When I got home I knew it needed to be supersized. I chose to layer rows of watercolored hearts over each other to create the impression of waves."

Sunshine Beach Bucket Card by Heather Leopard
Supplies: #sunnyday 12×12 paper (366947) – #SUMMER, #catchawave 12×12 paper (366958) – #SUMMER, 6×6 paper pad (36684) – #SUMMER, Remarks #sunshine journaling and phrase sticker book (366963) – #SUMMER, Delights #adventure Pinwheels (366970) – #SUMMER

"I created this card to give to a friend who watched our house and dogs while we were in Hawaii. I included a gift card along with some Hawaiian gifts."