Back to School Clipboard Tutorial by Ashley Horton

Happy first day of September! We're continuing Back to School Week with a photo tutorial to make an awesome altered clipboard by Ashley Horton (Blog: Ashley Horton | Instagram: @ashleyhorton75 | Pinterest: @ahorton | Twitter: @ashleymh1675)!

Ashley Horton

School Clipboard
Supplies: Designer Desktop Essentials (37080) – Clipboard with Print, Designer Desktop Essentials (370793) – Gallery Prints, Designer Desktop Essentials (370795) – Gallery Prints, Designer Desktop Essentials (370794) – Gallery Prints, Designer Desktop Essentials (37081) – Clothespins Dots, Designer Desktop Essentials (370834) – Dotted Pencils, Designer Desktop Essentials (370821) – Gold Arrow Paper Clip, Fine & Dandy (370086) – Woodland Thickers, Serendipity (366773) – Yo-Yo Thickers, True Stories (370740) – Wood Borders

1. Choose one of the Desktop Essentials gallery prints and place it on the clipboard. Arrange your photos over any design or type on the gallery print. Use a ruler to measure spacing for die cutting a date on the gallery print paper.

Tutorial 1

2. Cut the date with your electronic die cut machine according to the previous measurement. If you don't have an electronic die cut machine, you can use Thickers or letter stickers for adding your date.

Tutorial 2

3. Once the date is finished cutting, back it with a different color paper. Add some washi tape to hold the paper in place behind the date.

Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 5

4. Place some double-sided adhesive on the back of the gallery print and then adhere it to the clipboard, placing the top edge under the clip.

Tutorial 6

5. Back each of your photos with adhesive foam dots and then adhere them to the paper. Once your photos are in place, add a clothespin to each one in varying colors.

Tutorial 7 Tutorial 8

6. Cut a 3×8.5" strip and a 1×8.5" strip to add to the bottom of the paper on your clipboard.  

Tutorial 9

7. Use a glue gun to attach one of the dotted pencils below your photos.

Tutorial 10

8. Place Thickers along the edge of the ruler to add the words "School Days" to the paper on the clipboard.

Tutorial 11

9. Finish by adding "ABC123" to the clip on the clipboard using Yo-Yo Thickers.

Tutorial 12

This is such a fun way to display your child's school year photos!

School Clipboard