Baby Mobile Tutorial by Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart (Blog: Erin Stewart | Instagram: @erinstewart | Pinterest: @erinstewrt) made this one-of-a-kind baby mobile and has created a step-by-step photo tutorial so you can see exactly how it came together so you can make one of your own:

Erin Stewart


Supplies: DIY Shop (366665) – Paper Pad, Daydreamer 6×6 (366767) – Paper Pad, Star 1.5 (KOP63104) – Knock Outs


Step 1: Gather your supplies.
Step 2: Punch shapes from patterned paper. Punch 25 large stars and 50 small stars. Then separate and sort punched stars into 5 piles. Create a pattern and line them up in order for later ease of sewing.
Step 3: Sew! Keeping the stars in order by stacking, start sewing the stars into garlands. Add a star one at a time, leaving an even gap between, until you have sewn each star. Continue until each of the 5 strands are sewn.
Step 4: Using tree branches and hemp, make a cross or X. Using the hemp, tightly wrap many times to secure the branches together.
Step 5: Tie the star garlands onto the branches.
20140331-IMG_9538 copy
Step 6: Hang and admire!
2014-03-31 14.00.07
Such a sweet piece of decor that the baby is also sure to love!