Asymmetrical Design Scrapbook Layout by Victoria Calvin

Hello friends! It’s Victoria (@victoriamariescraps) and I have a fun scrapbooking technique to share with you today all about creating an asymmetrical design on a layout. At first glance, an asymmetrical design may appear off balance. However, just like a symmetrical design where all of the elements are balanced in terms of scale and size, an asymmetrical design seeks to create balance through the positioning of a large element opposite that of a smaller element. Let’s take a closer look at asymmetry in action!

For this design, I created an asymmetrical layout using layered clusters of floral elements, stickers, and stamps from the Maggie Holmes Marigold collection. The top left cluster is the largest of the three clusters on the layout.

Opposite of the larger cluster, I created a second layered cluster on the bottom right of the layout. This cluster also includes floral elements, stickers, and stamping to maintain continuity. However, the smaller scale of the cluster works in symphony with its much larger counterpart on the top left.

To create more balance, I made an even smaller cluster of embellishments positioned at the top right of the page. This specific cluster is optional as the layout would still be balanced with just the large left cluster and the small bottom right cluster. However, the top cluster adds yet another area for the eye to take in the entire composition of the layout.

When creating an asymmetrical scrapbook design, be sure to consider: (1) The size and scale of the layered clusters, (2) using coordinating colors, texture, and dimension for each cluster, and (3) positioning the larger and small clusters opposite of each other to create an asymmetrical balance.

I hope you are inspired create an asymmetrical scrapbook layout! I encourage you to give this technique a try. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Supplies used: Marigold Collection by Maggie Holmes | Stickers 373261 | Stickers 373259 | Chipboard Stickers 373258 | Thickers “Lovely” 373257 | Floral Ephemera 373264 | Paper Pad 373253 | Stamp 373262