A Christmas Coupon Book

Christmas Coupon Books 1

I adore giving away my paper crafts as gifts, especially for Christmas, but sometimes I find, it’s more appreciated when I give experiences and service to my loved ones.  This project was a way for me to combine the gift of creativity and service to my nearest and dearest by creating a lovely little accordion coupon book that I can easily stuff into the top of a stocking or place on the tree for Christmas morning.

Christmas Coupon Books 2

These little books are made from one piece of 12×12 patterned paper with the brand strip left intact.  They measure is 3×4” and can be as thick or thin as the embellishments you choose to fill them with.  I went a little chunky with these, as I loved the way the ribbons on the hang tags looked sticking out of the top all willy nilly!

Christmas Coupon Books 3

Christmas Coupon Books 4

Once I had assembled the booklets, I machine sewed a ribbon to the back panel and created little pockets on each panel by cutting vellum pieces into little triangles and adhering them with my favorite double sided adhesive, the Sticky Thumb red tape. 

Christmas Coupon Books 5

Christmas Coupon Books 6

I then created 10 coupons for each booklet, by making and decorating hang tags and filling the backs of them with promises to give massages, take out the garbage, put the kids to bed etc.  I’m planning to give one to the boys as well, and I’ll be writing coupons for video game time, an extra book at bedtime, and a night without homework, to name a few.

Christmas Coupon Books 7

The other bonus I’ve found with this project, is that these little beauties stand up perfectly by themselves due to their accordion nature and can double as décor after Christmas morning.  Once the coupons are used, you can fill them next year with 10 of your favorite things about a loved one or 10 experiences for you and the kids to have before Christmas.  The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Coupon Books 8

Christmas Coupon Books 9

I can’t wait for my 6 year old to open his little booklet on Christmas morning and read each aloud as his little eyes light up in anticipation! 

Merry Christmas crafting friends!


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