5+ Photos Layout by Gillian Nelson

Continuing on with 5+ Photos week, we have Gillian Nelson (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05) with a fabulous layout:

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Shimelle (368157) – Granville Paper, (368158) – Dowdy Paper, (368145) – Herschel Paper, (368154) – Rubin Paper, (368165) – Layered Chipboard Stickers, (368164) – Phrase & Alpha Cardstock Stickers, (368170) – Roller Date Stamp, (368180) – Grey Marker; DIY (366608) – Chalkboard Metal Rimmed Tags, (366900) – Mini Stapler; Pebbles Special Delivery-Girl (732564) – Birthday Wishes Thickers; My Girl (53448) – Kitten Black Thickers; Cardstock (AC71259) – 12×12 White

How to: Print photos to 1.75 x 6 inches and ink the edges. Adhere the photos to the cardstock background, staggering their height across the center of the page. Cut or punch multiple repeated shapes from 3 patterned papers and ink the edges. Layer the shapes so that they take the shape of a tree canopy. Adhere to the bottom right third of the layout, overlapping the bottom of the last two photos. Apply 3 black letter "I" Thickers stacked vertically up the tree canopy, forming the "trunk". Apply black and white Thickers along the bottom edge of the page to form the title, incorporating the tree trunk as the "I" in "thing". Add a small cardstock letter sticker "@"  at the top of the trunk to serve as a dot for the "i". Add written journaling under the photos using a grey journaling pen. Cut a narrow strip of patterned paper and ink the edges. Adhere it to the page above the photos and relatively centered on the paper. Adhere a metal-rimmed tag to the upper left third of the page, overlapping the tops of the photos. Add a black and white Thicker to the tag as a monogram. Staple the tag's twine to the background cardstock.  dd a chipboard embellishment to the left edge of the patterned paper strip. Stamp the date with a roller stamp above the left end of the paper strip. Add a mini staple to the top edge of a cardstock word sticker, and add the sticker to the right end of the strip.