2 Tips to create an awesome scrapbook layout

Hi! It’s me, Sandra, here today and I’m sharing a brand new scrapbook layout along with two tips to create an awesome scrapbook layout. The secret to make your layout awesome is to add something handmade. Before I go into more detail about the tips, let’s have a look at the layout. I used the versatile Storyteller collection by Vicki Boutin to create the scrapbook page. It shows me and my dad. I really want to remember this day we spent together at a soccer game here in Leipzig, Germany.

The image shows a scrapbook layout with a customized background. Next to the layout is a stencil pack saying Storyteller by Vicki Boutin.

And now onto my two tips to make your layout special:

  • customize your background
  • add at least one handmade embellishment.
The image shows a scrapbook page with a customized background. It also shows a stencil, embossing paste and a palette-knife.

Tip 1: Customize the background. There are many options. I used a stencil and embossing paste to create a nice texture and an eyecatcher on the scrapbook layout. Some of the words will be covered later by the photo and the embellishments. However, just knowing that you created the background yourself will make your layout special :). How to: Put the stencil onto the background paper. I use washi-tape to keep the stencil in place. Next, use embossing paste and apply the paste onto the background with a palette-knife. Let dry completely.

The image shows a close-up of the customized background. It says love this day.

Once your background is all dry, start layering the photo and a variety of embellishments to create dimension. The large floral embellishments from Storyteller are perfect to frame the photo.

The image shows a close-up of the scrapbook layout. The large title says happy soul.
The image shows a scrapbook layout with a large floral embellishment from the 'Storyteller' Collection by Vicki Boutin.

And now onto tip 2: add a handmade embellishment. All you need is an ordinary paper clip and a washi-tape spool to create a clip with a flag. I added the clip onto the photo:

The image shows a photo with a paper clip and a washi-tape flag. The handmade embellishment is shown next to the photo.

How to: paper clip with washi-tape flag. Grab a paper clip. Get a washi-tape spool. Place a strip of washi-tape onto the top of the clip. Glue the washi-tape strip as shown in the photo below. Cut to the desired shape. Done!

The image shows step-by-step instructions to create a handmade embellishment. A washi-tape spool and a paper clip are shown next to a pair of scissors.

You’ve reached the end of today’s post. I hope you like my 2 tips to create an awesome scrapbook layout. And it would make me happy to see what you create! Try to customize the background of your scrapbook layouts with stencils and embossing paste. And don’t forget to add handmade embellishments for more fun!

The image shows the finished layout featuring 2 tips to create an awesome layout.

Supplies: American Crafts | Vicki Boutin Storyteller: Bohemian (34001326), Narrative (34001328), Sticker Book (34001341), Embellishments (34001342), Embellishments (34001343), Washi Tape Spools (34001345), Wild Soul Stencil (34001348)

The image says Sandra Dietrich. She is part of the American Crafts design team 2020-2021.